Water Damage Restoration

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, water damage is almost always an unexpected event to homeowners. That’s why we make ourselves available to Memphis area customers 24/7. When disaster strikes, there is no such thing as good timing.

It happens to all of us!

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There are many common causes of water damage that can happen throughout your home or building. Usually, you’ll find that a slowly progressing leak or some kind of standing water has been slowly deteriorating your home.

A few of the main causes that the RCI service technicians notice regularly are:

  • Leaky water heater plumbing. Annual inspections of plumbing should be done, ensuring all plumbing is correctly adhered/situated. When possible, install water heaters in an area of your home with a floor drain to minimize damage. Unfortunately, most of the Memphis area homes store water heaters in the attic, potentially causing major damage. This is where regular inspections can help you prevent that damage.
  • Clogged AC drain lines. Check your air conditioning drain lines twice a year, once before you turn it on, and once after the season is over. Ensure that drains are cleared to prevent damage or leaks.
  • Washing machine hose leaks. Inspect the washing machine hoses at least once per year, and remember that these hoses need to be replaced every 5 years. If you notice any bulging or cracking, replace immediately to prevent any leaks or unnecessary damage.
  • Refrigerator ice machine leaks. Hoses that are corroded or cracked, usually located behind the fridge, should be replaced. Inspect annually or whenever you pull the fridge out to clean.

While water damage is unexpected, we constantly tell our customers that prevention and awareness is key. Make a list of simple, often looked-over tasks like inspecting hose connections to anything water related, or any other potential home hazard, and complete it once a year. It shouldn’t take any longer than a few hours and the knowledge you’ll gain about your home and appliances will help you decide which steps you should take to prevent any unnecessary damage to your biggest investment, your home.

Fortunately, the tenacity of the employees at RCI helped me get through a tough time. Our insurance company refused to pay for damages after a previous restoration company tried to help but failed during the process. RCI made sure to document the further restoration and completion of the project, and the insurance company was able to cover the damages. We’re lucky to have their guidance and help during this stressful time.

  • J. Block

After a long vacation out of town, you can imagine our utter fear and shock when we came home to a massively damaged kitchen due to a not-so-slow leak. RCI helped us navigate through the mess, told us what we could save and how they could help and we felt comfortable with their confidence. We had nothing but positive experiences – would recommend to friends and family.

Not only did RCI complete the job as intended, but one of the guys on the crew was constantly picking up and making sure their workspace was as clean as possible. This made me feel instantly better about my choice even though it was such a small action.

Immediately after the storm started the tree in our front lawn decided to break in half. A big chunk of that tree piece went directly into our playroom roof. RCI was quick to respond, asking first if we were all okay and if we needed any kind of immediate relocation. It felt nice that our safety and comfort was cared for, while also getting a crew gathered to take care of the damage. Our roof was tarped within 2 hours and the damages were fixed soon after.