Space Heater Safety

Space Heater Safety

Typically, we think of space heaters as small, simple solutions for a warmer home. But have you given any thought to how dangerous they can be? Normally, if a fire is started by a space heater, it’s because the unit is too close to something that’s flammable like a mattress or bedding or even toys on the floor. Here are some ideas on preventing a fire when using a space heater:

          Give the space heater a radius of about 3 feet from anything in the room, including children.

          Make sure the unit is on a flat surface with no chance of falling over.

          See that your unit has an auto shut-off feature before you purchase.

          Don’t use extension cords – plug units directly into the wall.

          Fuel burning space heaters take a little more effort – be sure to only refill outside or in a properly ventilated area and keep a window open for the duration it’s on.

Learning how space heaters can be the culprit of a house fire can help you to understand what steps you should take to avoid major fire damage. Sometimes, people take these steps and accidents still happen – just know to call RCI Restoration Services if you’re in Memphis and have been affected by the serious damages of fire!