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Fourth Of July – Avoid Fire Damage!

Celebrating with family and friends on the Fourth of July is tradition, but are you making sure safety is a top priority when you’re all together?

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Avoid accidents, hospital trips, and potential losses from paying close attention to these fire safety tips & facts we found. (*)

  1. Probably no surprise here, but July 4th is America’s top beer-consumption day. Being under the influence can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Make sure there are designated people around keeping everyone else in check.
  2. Never, we repeat, NEVER try to relight a “dud”. This can be extremely dangerous.
  3. Always light your fireworks away from your home/others’ property to avoid unnecessary damage. Structure fires start quickly this way. Even in your spacious backyard, take a look around and make sure hot debris from your fireworks won’t be falling on anyone’s sheds/pets/homes/vehicles/etc.
  4. Keep the fire extinguisher or plenty of water around, just in case. Ever heard the saying “better safe than sorry”?
  5. Don’t ever point or light fireworks in someone’s direction. A fake-out can turn quickly into serious injury.

We know it’s simple logic, but when you’re having fun sometimes a laugh or a good time can seem a little bit more important than the safety of others. Make sure you’re taking the proper precautions to avoid fire damage to your (or anyone else’s) home!

**Read the full article here!