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Sneaky Signs of Water Damage

Sometimes the signs of water damage don’t make themselves entirely visible until it’s too late. If you’re moving to a […]

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Winter Fire Prevention

This infographic from the National Fire Protection Association is a great way to keep the facts up front about fire […]

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Preparing for the Thaw

It seems like sometimes the weather is playing tricks on us – thawing out in the middle of winter is […]

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Space Heater Safety

Typically, we think of space heaters as small, simple solutions for a warmer home. But have you given any thought […]

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Washing Machine Madness

You’d never think your harmless washing machine could do much damage, but here at RCI we’ve come to find out […]

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Flooded kitchen

Structural Water Damage

Don’t let your water damage go unattended. The risks of letting structural issues from water damage (or fire) are very […]

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memphis flooding

Memphis Flooding

This recent downpour has got Memphis nearly under water! Homes that aren’t typically considered to be in a risk area […]

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frozen pipe spicket

Prevent Frozen Pipes

It’s not often that Memphis reaches freezing temperatures, but when it does, severe water damage can occur, creating very costly […]

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Holiday Decorating Safety

Holiday lights are beautiful and incredible ways to show your enthusiasm for the holiday season approaching! However, so many homeowners […]

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