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Tie dyed Easter eggs

Egg Decorating & Easter Fun!

Easter is Sunday, April 16th and that means it’s time to get our eggs dyed and beautiful!

Here are a few theories as to how Easter egg traditions came into play. Do you have a specific technique for egg dying? Share your photos with us on our social media accounts!


Colored eggs in blue, red, yellow, and brown


Carton of eggs with 2 eggs in front with vegetation on them


Easter eggs with writing on them


There are so many ways to have fun with dying Easter eggs! Have little ones and want less breakage? Try sticking an egg in a whisk! Fun, simple, and easy to hold for small hands! Have a happy Easter, Memphis


Memphis living room with fire place

Wood Burning Fireplace – Spring Cleaning for Safety

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning!

Warm temperatures somehow give us a little bit more motivation to take care of the things we’ve been letting pile up all winter, aka, spring cleaning! It’s when you’ve finally passed that fireplace full of dust for the last time! While professionals recommend that you have a chimney sweep inspect your chimney, you can give it a good cleaning in between.

Fire place mantle with ornate pottery on top of itUse tools like a stiff-bristled brush, a shop vac, warm water and cleaning supplies to get yourself started.  Making sure to cover the floor around the area, remove the log holder and any other accessories you have inside your fire place. Cleaning those outside with a hose is typically easier, considering the mess. A gentle scrub with basic cleaning supplies will help remove the worst of the debris, but there are plenty of stronger chemicals available too.

After the other items are removed, just start scooping out the ash and vacuuming! If you’ve got a second helper, have them run the shop vac while you scoop out the ash and debris helping to minimize the spread of dust. After the solids are brushed away, take your warm water and cleaning supplies and get to it. Let the cleaners sit a while to break down the old ash, then scrub it away with the stiff-bristled brush and wipe it down with some warm water.

Taking an hour at most out of your day could make a big difference in not only your air quality but your home safety, as dirty fireplaces can be serious fire hazards.

Wood burning



Memphis park

Staying in Motion for 2017

Memphis, we’re so proud to call you home.


Our neighbors and community are always involved in something meaningful and we’re excited to be able to give back with our business. Water damage and fire damage can be devastating, and since most of the time it’s unpredictable, it’s even worse. We know that offering the most convenient services like 24/7 emergency lines and great customer service is important, but we can also offer you more than the other guy.

RCI Restoration Services understands you’ve worked hard for the material items you have and regardless of their value (sentimental or not), you should have a safe place to store your belongings. With the excess space we offer our customers and the options we can provide for them, we know that their valuables will be safe and protected while they’re going through a most difficult time in their life.

Damage to your home and your personal items is stressful and heartbreaking, you shouldn’t have to worry about the condition your things will be in during the process.

If you contact RCI, any time, 24/7, you’re contacting a locally owned and operated company who is dedicated to providing you with professional water damage and fire damage restoration services no matter when disaster strikes. And in 2017, we’re encouraging you to take the extra steps necessary to give back to your community.


frost on branches

Memphis Cold Weather Preparedness

Happy October, Memphis!

We’re so excited for this change of seasons, and we’re hoping you are too. As we mentioned a couple of posts back, cold weather means it’s time for bonfires, camping, and everything outside! In the MidSouth, the mosquitos are *mostly* gone. And while we’re typically trying to give you tips on how to prevent fires or water from damaging your homes, this time, we want to remind you that it’s a smart idea to be prepared if something were to happen. Most folks never imagine something so destructive could happen to them, but it does. Here are a few simple ways to help yourself and your family to be prepared in case of emergency in cold weather.

  • Try to keep your car maintenance a priority. This can really help you in a quick fix. Having a full tank of gas, a regularly serviced vehicle, and a supply kit could keep you comfortable or save your life in the midst of an emergency.

  • Keep your house warm. Like wrapping it in a big sweater, add insulation to your windows by covering them with industrial plastic (you can buy this at your local hardware store) from the inside. You’ll still get the light, but the air will have less of a chance to get in.

  • If you’re leaving, keep the heat on. Preventing frozen pipes is what you’re looking to do here – when appliances that store any kind of water get too cold, the chances of bursting pipes increases. This is a tough situation to get stuck with, leaving homeowners inconveniently without hot water for an extended period of time.

  • Keep the garage door closed. Especially if water lines are out there, but in general this adds a major seal to the insulation of your home.

  • About that supply kit…stock it and stock it well. Keep things like batteries, flashlights, multipurpose tools, a first aid kit, and sanitation/personal hygiene items. If you’re making a large supply kit for cold weather preparedness, add at least a 3 day supply of food and water (at least 1 gallon per person per day). A cell phone with a charger can come in handy if you need to call 911 but can’t get to your house.

There are many options for staying prepared when the cold weather front continues to move in slowly. It’s easier to prepare while the weather is still enjoyable rather than having to search and dig for last minute supplies in the middle of a crisis. Having everything together in a designated spot could really benefit you in the long run!


Fire fighters fighting a shed fire

Summer Fire Hazards

The garage is the go-to place for so many different things. Storage, easy working space, tools and materials all in one place. However, many folks don’t realize the hazards of improperly storing flammable material in hot areas. Most garages don’t have air conditioning and that means in places like Memphis, temperatures can soar inside buildings like garages – they’re not built with the ventilation systems that regular homes are. Unfortunately, this can cause pressurized cans to burst or even flammable materials to catch on fire instantly – storage safety precautions could change the outcome of the fire. Here are a couple of tips:

  • If you have an excess amount of flammable chemicals, consider a flammable storage cabinet, specifically designed to contain any fire that may occur.
  • Store chemicals away from other flammable items. The heat causes these chemicals to burst into flames – it’s better to have the flames away from a pile of sod awaiting installation or your moms collection of vintage wrapping paper.
  • Even though gasoline is most common in garages, keep an eye out for these chemicals as well – paint solvents, lighter fluid, dry cleaning agents, butane, pesticides, oil, spray paint, kerosene, propane, diesel fuel, turpentine
  • Never smoke near flammable liquids.
  • Do not use gasoline as a cleaning solvent to remove grease or oil from anything – this can cause serious burns.
  • Never pour flammable materials down the drain – this creates an explosion potential.

Knowledge is power when it comes to safety, and all we can do is inform you to help keep your household free of any fire damage!

Garage Engulfed in flames

mold in car from water damage

Vehicle Interior Water Damage

Oh No! It Rained Last Night..And You Left Your Windows Down!

What a horrific sight to see the moment you walk out the door to head to work, right?!

Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips compiled from the pros on water damage restoration about how to clean out your wet car!

  • Get the excess out. The less water you have in your car, the faster it will dry. Use a wet/dry shop vac to help suck out serious amounts of water (1 inch or more), otherwise, soak up as much as you possibly can with towels, clothes, or whatever absorbent material you have available. Be sure to check all the tight/concealed spaces of your vehicle interior like between and under seats, in the center consoles, under armrests, etc.
  • Fans are crucial. Moisture is the enemy because lingering moisture means mold growth. Use fans positioned to blow across the floorboards, on seats – anywhere the moisture is still evident. The more airflow, the better. Turn your cars heater on the highest setting for a while if you’re on the road for a temporary fix. If you have access to a dehumidifier, you’ll have the best chance of removing more moisture.
  • Avoid mold. Prevention is key, but sometimes the onset is unstoppable. Use double action products like baking soda that will help to absorb both the moisture and help reduce the odor issue.
  • Whatever you do, do not ignore moisture in your vehicle. Serious mold growth is fast and damaging and takes professional removal tools to safely and properly remove.

mold onset in car due to water damage




Essentially, dry your car out by any means possible! Those little pine trees won’t cut it – mold possesses certain health hazards and lets be serious, no one likes to ride in a stinky car.

Oh, and don’t forget to roll those windows up! 🙂

Rain hitting an umbrella

Water Damage – Every Day Life

Even though we typically think of water damage as a huge project after a flood, or someones water heater bursting and destroying everything, that’s not always the case!

Take for example, our sweet employee who left on vacation for Florida just last week! As our coworkers were griping on about how they would leave their phones in the hotel while they were on their hypothetical beaches, she pulled out a ziplock bag and put her phone in it! WHAT?! No $69.99 waterproof case? You can STILL USE IT?! Talk about a life hack. Now, I don’t particularly suggest leaving the livelyhood of your probably-incredibly-expensive phone to a measly ziplock baggie, however, it did make me realize what a downer it would be to get water in my phone on vacation.

Water is a harsh element. Wiping years of photos, texts, videos, other random data from my phone with just a single drop is all too real and that made me want to find (and share!) ways to prevent even the most minor aspects of water damage!

I found this great article that has a ton of tips on how to keep yourself dry (or dry off the water) – check it out!

And as always, you can call RCI Restoration Services any time, 24/7 regarding any emergency water damage issues you might be experiencing. A representative will be available to take your call!


Flooding lawn


Alright, enough with the puns.. 🙂

In all seriousness, May is a great month to take advantage of minor home repairs that could save you tons of time and money down the road. Keeping your home in prime conditions can help you avoid major water damage, fire damage, and other serious side effects from nature. I know we seem to push this subject a lot, but prevention steps are truly the only way to avoid excess damages when it comes to an unpredictable force.

Doing things like taking a good look at your roof, trim areas along the house, gutters, chimneys, and more – especially at this time of year – could help you avoid leaks or further damaging on whatever surface has been affected.  Rain is a harsh part of nature, and it tends to help you notice the problem areas in your home rather quickly!

Low spots in the lawn should be filled in to prevent foundation damage and bug breeding grounds. Inspect the concrete cracks, outside faucets…

HGTV has gathered up a great list of things you can do to keep your home in great shape this spring and summer  – check it out here. If you have any suggestions that we may have missed, feel free to put them in the comments!

memphis flooding
memphis flooding
flooding basement

Preventing Water Damage While You’re On Vacation

It’s April and we’re all dreaming about being at the beach on these sunny, beautiful days. However, if you’re actually going on vacation, here are some great tips on keeping your house dry and free of any unnecessary water damages.

Check your home before you leave! Pipes, hoses, faucets, water heater, bathrooms – check anywhere that water flows for leaks/cracks/damaged spots that could be a potential cause and fix them (the right way!)!

Insulate any exposed pipes to prevent freezing, as well as leaving your heat on low while you’re away.

Invest in a sump pump (and a backup if you’re in a flood zone) to help with any potential basement/area flooding that could occur. Examine it annually at least and try to listen to the motor for sounds/water expulsions that aren’t along manufacturer guidelines.

Clear excess debris from gutters and downspouts to prevent water buildup or collapses. This can also cause water damage to your roof, potentially bringing leaks and mold.

Lastly, ask someone to check your house daily! A simple check per day (use mail as an excuse!) can severely increase your chances of finding a problem before it becomes major and damages your home’s integrity. If you can’t get anyone to check your house, turn off the water main and drain the pipes if necessary. If it’s cold while you’re gone, leave cabinets and closes open to promote warm air flow to your pipes to help prevent freezing.

As always, if your home has been damaged by water in any way, call RCI Restoration Services. Our certified, trained professionals will properly eliminate water, mold, and other hidden hazards throughout your home and restore it back to pre-damage condition. We know you just want things to get back to normal as quickly as possible – call 901.308.7119 anytime, 24/7.

memphis flooding

Memphis Flooding

This recent downpour has got Memphis nearly under water! Homes that aren’t typically considered to be in a risk area were affected, leaving hundreds of properties with extreme cases of water damage.

Call RCI Restoration Servicesy any time, 24/7 for an emergency service crew to be sent to your home, no matter what time of day it is. We understand the sense of urgency in this stressful time and our professionals will help you with everything.

Memphis flooding is unpredictable and scary when homeowners are uninformed, or uninsured.

We offer over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space to store your possessions in, and our technicians are always sure to respect your time and your property. Our techniques are trusted and true, and the reviews that our customers leave say it all. We take pride in our work and we make customer service our priority.

Again, if you’re in the Memphis area and your home has been affected by water damage due to recent flooding, call RCI today! 901.308.7119.

memphis flooding