Memphis & Nashvilles Water Cleanup • Fire Damage Repair

Sneaky Signs of Water Damage

Sometimes the signs of water damage don’t make themselves entirely visible until it’s too late. If you’re moving to a new property, residential or commercial, be sure to have a water and fire damage expert take a look over the property to ensure there are no hidden damages. Here’s what you can look for at first glance:

          Leaks under the sink – are there signs of water leaking, drip spots, or smells that indicate moisture?

          In the walls – check for soft spots or staining. These could be signs of a small water leak, but they can lead to much larger problems.

          Mold & mildew – strong odors of must and visible mold growth in damp areas – there is most likely mold that is growing.

Hidden damages are often scary for new property owners because they’re forced to contact a professional to take care of the removal and restoration of property. With RCI Restoration Services  you can be assured our team of certified professionals will know how to properly assess your home or commercial property in a safe manner and take the steps necessary to safely restore your property back to pre-damage conditions. Contact us if you need help cleaning up water damage, fire damage, mold, or other potential hazards. We’ve got you covered, 24/7!

Winter Fire Prevention

This infographic from the National Fire Protection Association is a great way to keep the facts up front about fire damage in the winter. It’s easy to forget to take small steps in the course of preventing fires during the cold months of the year, but candles, décor, heating elements, and storms are all major causes of damage in our homes.

Preparing for the Thaw

It seems like sometimes the weather is playing tricks on us – thawing out in the middle of winter is a strange feeling, but can cause harmful side effects when it comes to ice melting and leaving water damage behind. To help avoid the harshness of these effects, here are some tips –

Clear a path for the water. You should know the shape of your property and understand where the rain goes when its flowing away from your house. Treat this the same way – make sure gutters and drains are free of any obstructions and if your property gets bad enough, keep a sump pump (in good condition) around to help any kind of sewer backups. Preventing ice dams can be helpful too – but this is best left to a professional inspection to determine what steps you should take to make things easier for your home. Even though Memphis doesn’t see much snow, it’s helpful to keep it off your roof regardless. Safely remove any excess with a rake or broom.

If you’ve experienced water damage due to winter weather, contact RCI Restoration Services in Memphis! We offer 24/7 water damage restoration services. Quick response to water damage is what often determines a less lengthy job timeline for any restoration services – call as soon as you see any signs!

Space Heater Safety

Typically, we think of space heaters as small, simple solutions for a warmer home. But have you given any thought to how dangerous they can be? Normally, if a fire is started by a space heater, it’s because the unit is too close to something that’s flammable like a mattress or bedding or even toys on the floor. Here are some ideas on preventing a fire when using a space heater:

          Give the space heater a radius of about 3 feet from anything in the room, including children.

          Make sure the unit is on a flat surface with no chance of falling over.

          See that your unit has an auto shut-off feature before you purchase.

          Don’t use extension cords – plug units directly into the wall.

          Fuel burning space heaters take a little more effort – be sure to only refill outside or in a properly ventilated area and keep a window open for the duration it’s on.

Learning how space heaters can be the culprit of a house fire can help you to understand what steps you should take to avoid major fire damage. Sometimes, people take these steps and accidents still happen – just know to call RCI Restoration Services if you’re in Memphis and have been affected by the serious damages of fire!

Washing Machine Madness

You’d never think your harmless washing machine could do much damage, but here at RCI we’ve come to find out that that’s not true.

Check out the safety manual – see exactly how to use it and avoid any button-pressing guessing games! Here, you’ll also be instructed not to overload. It may seem tempting to shove a huge load of laundry right in to get it out of your way, but take your time and keep your machine running at peak conditions.

Inspecting your hoses is important, too. We suggest a regular or at least seasonal routine of looking at each of the hoses to inspect for breaks/kinks/tears – anything that looks like it could result in a leak. You should replace them every 3-5 years, but that doesn’t mean they won’t give you trouble before that. *Replace rubber hoses with steel braided hoses for longer lasting, stronger solutions.

If your hose happens to break, or a seal comes loose on that stubborn front loader, you’ll be left with quite a mess! Luckily, RCI Restoration Services is available 24/7 for the cleanup and restoration process. We’ve got a professional team of individuals who are certified to do the job! We’ve got plenty of storage space in our warehouse for any items that may have been damaged by water and our crew is extremely knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to water damage restoration. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have – just give us a call as soon as you notice signs of water leaking or damaged surroundings!

Clogged Gutters & Why You Should Avoid Them

Unfortunately, as soon as the leaves start falling here in Memphis, it gets downright COLD!

(Hey, we’re from the south and we’re already missing the hot & humid summer sun.)

This sometimes leads to thinking how much easier and warmer it would be to just stay inside and…”let the wind clean them out.”

Let me assure you, the leaves in your gutters are trapped pretty well and aren’t going anywhere! And the best thing you can do is get them cleaned out, especially during the Fall season. Make sure your gutters aren’t already damaging your home first – check for signs of sagging, improper drainage, or broken/ineffective downspouts. Taking an inventory of these items can help you to be prepared to fix them all at once, and then to create a schedule to maintain them more regularly. (We realize that might not even be the case, your gutters could just be old and need updating!)

Installing “gutter guards” could be an option for you if you’re in a heavy “leaf-fall” area, that way you’re automatically screening the leaves & debris from the gutters and you won’t have to put in the extra work of digging it all out. However, you should still routinely check on them and make sure nothing has been stuck in the way of draining. You should also check on your gutters often to inspect for sagging – this can disrupt the flow of the roof runoff and point to signs of weak areas that need replaced. Debris that’s clogging the flow should be removed as to prevent water damage to the actual structure of your home, as well.

Downspouts help keep the water away from the foundation of your home, making sure the heavy runoff isn’t penetrating the ground directly next to your home or structure.


Backyard Fire Pit Basics – Fire Damage Prevention

Ready to light up that fire pit in your back yard?

Just use simple common sense to determine how to safely burn your debris.

  • Be aware of your surroundings! It’s that simple. Making sure that it’s not windy or extra dry out will help you avoid a quickly-spreading fire.
  • Your local area could be under a “burn ban” or something that requires a special permit before you burn. Check with the city.
  • Rule of thumb: 3 times the height of your pile for vertical clearance, and the site should be surrounded by at least 10 feet of dirt or gravel in each direction.
  • Make sure you stick around to maintain things. It can be easy to walk away, but always put your fire out completely first.
  • If it’s the windy/dry season, check your burn area after you extinguish the fire for up to 2 weeks after the initial burn.

It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but it’s always smart to refresh your mind on some of the potential dangers and realities of how quickly a fire can spread and how devastating its trail can be.


If you home has been affected by fire damage in the Memphis or surrounding area, please contact RCI Restoration Services any time, 24/7 for professional, reliable damage restoration.

Burning Coals

It’s Grill Safety Season!

Grills can be tricky for even the most seasoned cook.

Fire is one of the fastest, most destructive elements on this planet – keep that in mind when you’re using your gas grill this summer to cook up some delicious masterpiece! Here are a few helpful ideas for you to consider:

  • Always keep your grill away from your home
  • Never leave your grill unattended after it’s been lit
  • Keep an eye on the color of the brass valve on the tank
  • Keep your fire extinguisher (working!), sand, or your garden hose close for any incidents that may occur
  • Don’t use a tank that’s been dented or damaged, or even rusty
  • Don’t ever store your propane tank in an enclosed area.

Not only should you be aware of the fire damage hazards, but you should also keep in mind that food safety is very important, as well. Cooking over an open flame is different than in a controlled, electric environment. Please, if you have any questions about your grill and how you should properly use it, call the manufacturer!

Fizzling Sparkler

Fourth Of July – Avoid Fire Damage!

Celebrating with family and friends on the Fourth of July is tradition, but are you making sure safety is a top priority when you’re all together?

Sparkler sparkling

Avoid accidents, hospital trips, and potential losses from paying close attention to these fire safety tips & facts we found. (*)

  1. Probably no surprise here, but July 4th is America’s top beer-consumption day. Being under the influence can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Make sure there are designated people around keeping everyone else in check.
  2. Never, we repeat, NEVER try to relight a “dud”. This can be extremely dangerous.
  3. Always light your fireworks away from your home/others’ property to avoid unnecessary damage. Structure fires start quickly this way. Even in your spacious backyard, take a look around and make sure hot debris from your fireworks won’t be falling on anyone’s sheds/pets/homes/vehicles/etc.
  4. Keep the fire extinguisher or plenty of water around, just in case. Ever heard the saying “better safe than sorry”?
  5. Don’t ever point or light fireworks in someone’s direction. A fake-out can turn quickly into serious injury.

We know it’s simple logic, but when you’re having fun sometimes a laugh or a good time can seem a little bit more important than the safety of others. Make sure you’re taking the proper precautions to avoid fire damage to your (or anyone else’s) home!

**Read the full article here!

Flooded kitchen

Structural Water Damage

Don’t let your water damage go unattended.

The risks of letting structural issues from water damage (or fire) are very high, and not something to be taken lightly. If your home has ever been exposed to an excessive amount of standing water caused by storms, flooding, or other unforeseen factors, your property could be at serious risk for structural failure. Unfortunately, even a small amount of water can damage properties severely and things like floors and stairs become unstable, support columns move, roofs can collapse, and the wooden support beams can swell and rot, causing even more warping.

Water puddle crack in cement structural damage

Hardwood floor pressed up due to structural damage

Take it from RCI Restoration Services – DON’T WAIT! We’re available 24/7 for professional residential or commercial water damage restoration. Our equipment is high-end and our knowledgeable staff can quickly and efficiently resolve major potential problems with our water removal techniques. The sooner you make the call, the sooner we can come in and prevent mold growth, damages to the main structures of the building, and more!

Not only that, we’re a locally owned and operated company right here in the middle of Memphis – we’re not here to see who we can trick into paying hidden fees. We’re here to help properly (and quickly) restore your home or commercial building with no less than 5-star customer service. If you’ve experienced any type of water damage and you’re not sure who to call in the Memphis area, please don’t hesitate to call RCI Restoration services. We can handle the job and we’ll do it efficiently.